Save Palestine From Zionism

As we know that for several days Gaza was Bombed by zionism army with their high tech F-16 from the sky.

Israel showed no sign of slowing a blistering seven-day offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza, destroying homes of more than a dozen of the group’s operatives on Friday and bombing one of its mosques a day after a deadly strike killed a prominent Hamas figure and most of his family.

Prime Minister of Lebanon, Fouad Saniora said that what is currently happening in Gaza should be a lesson to us all to unite against Israel.
Following Friday prayers, Saniora chatted with reporters stressing Arab solidarity.

“As long as the Palestinians remain united, we are capable of convincing the Muslim and western worlds of our cause,” Saniora said.

“Let us not outbid ourselves over the Palestinian cause, it is the cause of all Arabs. However, each of us has a point of view in approaching the issue,” Saniora replied.

The Israeli offensive, launched Saturday in response to a wave of rockets fired from Gaza, has killed at least 422 people and more than 2,100 others are wounded.

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