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Do You Think The "Change" is Necessary??

What do you think firstly when you hear about a change??

these are several my friends thought about “change”

lordx*******: change is revolution…

dm*****: the key is from the closest one..
dm*****: you need to start from yourself, your family, your neighbour and go on
dm*****: the continual process will make longer impact rather than the quick one

pyr********88: but to make a change, everyone should know “what to change“, and “how to do a change

And for me, Change is a natural process of human being to make them keep existing in this world. Without change there are no technologies, without change there are no happines, even without change there are no human being itself. But like one of my friend said that you should know what to change, and How to do the change.


Therefore, if you’re aged between 15 to 35 log on to to join 1 MILLION youth across Southeast Asia (SEA) and say YES to CHANGES! By doing so, you and your friends stand a chance to win a FREE trip to meet top global change icons at the Youth Engagement Summit (YES) 2009 on November 16 & 17 in Kuala Lumpur. Rewards include return air flights, full accommodation and delegate passes worth in excess of US$2,500 each.

Until this article is written, there are Three persons of Indonesian Youths to be confirmed as a winner and they get a free trip to Kuala Lumpur. There are : Shandy, Cut Nury Hikmah Sabry, and Stephanie Hardjo.

And Here are their Video

Congratulation for them, and anyway I have my own thing that I want to change to0. That is about the number of entrepreneurs in my country, because based on the data, normaly Indonesia need 4 Million entrepreneurs (2% of all Indonesian population) but in fact on 2008 Indonesia just has 400.000 entrepreneurs (only 0,18% for all Indonesian population). It’s because as an entrepreneur wanna be, I’ll change my self first to be a great entrepereneur.

To be a great entrepreneur I’ll improve my speaking skill by increase my opportunity to speak in the forum or organization activities, therefore I like to join some forum such as blogger community like deBlogger (Blooger Community of Depok City, as Webadmin) and online community like (online student community of   Universitas Indonesia, as Co-Admin). Moreover, by joining multiple community I can increase my networking that very usefull for my business as an entrepreneur. After being an entrepreneur, I can give job vacancies to jobless people around me, also I’ll tell them how to be an entrepreneur because they can’t work for me as long as their life, and It’s “My Own Change” that I mean…

So you must answer the Question of this Article Title by yourself  “Do You Think The Change is Necessary??” , because No one know except yourself what change do you want to do, and how to do your own change of life, and don’t forget to change ourself first before we can change our environment or even just our family.

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